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Dallas Estate Asking $135M is Country's Priciest Megamanse

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Texas business honcho Tom Hicks has put his vast, lush Dallas, Texas, spread on the market for a staggering—nay, otherworldly$135M, making it the priciest megamansion in the country right now (no small feat, indeed). Despite once owning the Texas Rangers and being appraised by Forbes in 2009 to have a net worth of about $1B, Hicks has stumbled financially in the last few years, so it may be no real surprise that he's looking to unload a house that is, as the Real Estalker points out, 10 times the size of the average American home.

The estate includes a 28,996-square-foot main house souped up in all the necessary fancy-pants accoutrements, like a library paneled in 19th-century Italian walnut, a gilted mantel from the 1700s, windowed rotundas, and about a million crystal chandeliers, plus two guest houses and a poolhouse. It all sits on 25 acres of verdure threaded with creeks, meadows, groves, and a lake. To top it all off, the home, built in the 1920s, was the last estate completed by the notable architect Maurice Fatio, and recently got an update by architect Peter Marino. Yes, the Crespi Estate is an impressive property, and yes, lately it seems like the world's billionaires are rip-roaring and ready to lay down jaw-dropping sums for American real estate—earlier in the month a mysterious (possibly Russian) buyer dropped $75M in Malibu and just yesterday nine acres in Silicon Valley reportedly sold for $117.5M—but will the property actually garner anything close to $135M? If it does, it will likely break the record for most expensive property ever sold in the U.S., beating out Stanley Kroenke's $132.5M Montana ranch purchase.

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