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The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Whale: Donald Trump

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As far as real estate high rollers go, is there anyone who rolls quite as high as Donald J. Trump, that ultra-famous, ultra-fascinating mega-developer who's worth more than $7B, owns magnificent homes (and a vineyard!) around the globe, has a carefully cultivated reputation as a baron of self-branding and, recently, a political pundit? Trump's grand, gilded, imperialistic dreams have left many a bystander none too pleased; recently, the impassioned fight against his plans to build a golf course and (much-criticized) clubhouse in Scotland was chronicled in the British documentary You've Been Trumped, and a 2011 reader survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal found that the Trump name rates as "just a vanity address." Below: a closer look at The Donald's real estate wheelings and dealings, personal successes and failures, and closet full of expensive planes.

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