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Behind the Privet: A Guide to Whale Must-Haves on Nantucket

What are high-rollers looking for in a Nantucket residence? A few brokers from the Grey Lady hit the tipline and filled us in on what amenities make for whale must-haves. The top five: beachfront access, privacy, a heated pool, views, and staff accommodations (for everyone from the chef, to the nannies, to the pilot). In terms of exercise rooms, wine cellars, media rooms, and tennis/sport courts, those are more expected than requested. In addition, concierge service is a common rental request and is becoming a new sales point. We've gone behind the privet to a $15M Squam Road residence that's high-roller ready to illustrate whale must-haves.
· 7-11 Squam Road, Nantucket [Zillow]