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The Definitive Whale Starter Kit: Private Islands, Lalique-Style Doors, Onyx Fireplaces, More!

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Furnishing a second home is hard: decor often begins from scratch, furniture must be divided, and all those pesky little things—silverware, vacuum cleaners, Swarovski-encrusted toilets—have to be bought a second time. So when whales snatch up, say, nine houses, there's a ton of questions to ask before each mansion becomes a home: How much gilding will there be? (A lot.) Would another fresco in this stairwell be too much? (No.) Where shall the Lamborghini be parked? (The living room.) How can we spruce up the master? (With a 40,000-gallon pool.) Are 40 bathrooms enough? (No. Needs 41.)

To cut the confusion, below find a Curbed's Definitive Whale Starter Kit, a checklist of items and features aspiring whales should consider when buying or furnishing their newest home.

? Cursor over and click the image above to enlarge, and here's the detailed list:

1. 28 fireplaces, just like in Boston's Ames-Webster mansion. Bonus points if there's 25-plus fireplaces somewhere that never gets below 60 degrees.
2. Do it like Larry Ellison and buy 98 percent of a Hawaiian island.
3. Bring the Lamborghini into the living room.
4. Gilding, like, everywhere.
5. A flower-cutting room like one in Candy Spelling's mansion, now owned by Petra Ecclestone.
6. Huge Alexander Calder prints, like the one tucked behind the sofa in a Connecticut midcentury abode.
7. Portuguese limestone, preferably eight tons of it.
8. A dungeon/restaurant, outfitted with candelabras aplenty.
9. Lots of frescoes, a la Gianni Versace.
10. A Swarovski-encrusted tub—like Beyonce's pink dazzler—or toilet.
11. 41 bathrooms, as whales have in Bel Air, Calif.
12. A 40,000-gallon pool in the master suite.
13. A rotating dancefloor embedded into a 24-car garage.
14. White-water views.
15. A children's theater room. This amenity was planned for David Siegel's nutso and long-abandoned American Versailles project.
16. A super casual baby grand piano, but only if it's tucked away because it's not a big deal, guys.
17. "Hand-cut Lalique-style" glass doors and crystal chandeliers.
18. A Scandinavian porcelain stove, preferably antique (or at least antique-looking.)
19. A Medieval Times dining experience, just the kind Celine Dion enjoys.
20. Gobelins tapestries.
21. Something "surrounded by backlit honey onyx."
22. Old, framed portraits of ugly, historical-looking people.
23. A pool lined with 1 million tiles, some of which are encrusted in 24-karat gold.
24. And, finally, a sad, stranded bathtub. Shroud it in drapes meant for a palace window or a four-poster bed for that extra bit of something.

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