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Find Inner Peace in This Roadside Garden, Enclosed in Glass

Plunked along a boulevard in Hiroshima, Japan, is this glass box made from about 6,000 transparent bricks, all enclosing a fresh pocket of greenery. If the side of a highway seems like a strange place to put a tranquil bit of foliage—well, that's exactly the point. For his Optical Glass House, Japanese architect Hiroshi Nakamura laced the bricks together with thin pieces of steel, creating what he describes—in resplendent, Google-translated poetry, no less—as a place where "trees leak sunlight," where "sputtered metal frolic with the wind," and where one can "feel the change in light of the day, the changing seasons, even in the city center." It's lovely, to be true, but most definitely not the first time an enterprising designer has built something from clear bricks—remember London's Lego greenhouse? Anyway, stunning shots of the structure, below.

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