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Wade Boggs Helps Buy 'Fields of Dreams' Farm For $3.4M

Obscure Frank Lloyd Wright commissions aren't the only property making preservationists happy these days: last week, the 193-acre Iowa farm that starred in the 1989 Kevin Costner flick Field of Dreams finally found its new owner, a Chicago-based investment group that includes former MLB third-baseman Wade Boggs. Despite plans to overhaul the property into a 24-field youth baseball/softball complex, Go the Distance LLC will keep the farmhouse—which starred in the movie, too—intact, as well as the diamond that inspires the line "If you build it, he will come" for Costner's Ray Kinsella. All-Star Ballpark Heaven, as it's called, is expected to create 1,400 jobs and bring $40M to the region once it's complete in 2014—perhaps this non-imperialistic and rather community-oriented bent is why the group was able to negotiate the original $5.4M price tag down to $3.4M, despite the owners receiving "more than 100 inquires" about the home. The sellers' agent? Former Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Ken Sanders.

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