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'Impossible Architecture' a Spectacular Defiance of Physics

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These mind-bending photos of structural improbability are the work of Filip Dujardin, an artist whose bread and butter is architectural photography. Much like the art of his photo-manipulating predecessors—like the fellow who made Paris apartments fly like kites or the lady who transplanted the subjects of old portraits to contemporary spaces—Dujardin's "Impossible Architecture" comes from a fascination with, and the eventual dissolution of, the rigidity and permanence of structures. By digitally clipping and collaging photographs of real buildings in Ghent, Belgium, Dujardin strips buildings of their regimented sturdiness and their many rules, creating art with a slow-revealing, whimsical appeal: for many of his works, the absurdity is not seen on first glance. His stuff will be exhibited at San Francisco's Highlight gallery starting Feb. 7, but a few more of his pieces can be seen below.

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