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Heiress Tamara Ecclestone Asks $32M for London Mansion

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British pseudo-princess Tamara Ecclestone, an appointed dabbler in exceptionally pricey real estate and the eldest of the infamously spendy Ecclestone sisters, has just listed her 6,245-square-foot home in Chelsea, London, for £19.75M—roughly $32.1M. Like other filthy-rich heiresses, the 28-year-old Ecclestone, whose father is head honcho at the multi-billion-dollar Formula One racing brand, has had quite the turn in the realm of exuberant homes: in 2010, she snatched up a London mansion for about $73M and late last year, she was rumored to be eyeing the notoriously plush Fleur de Lys mansion in Los Angeles; in fact, The Real Estalker seems to think she's actually secured a lease for the $125M property. Perhaps Ecclestone is just hoping to beat out little sister in the real estate spending game—after all, in 2010, 24-year-old Petra picked up a London estate for some $87M and just last year bought socialite Candy Spelling's massive, Beverly Hills manor for $85M. Anyway, Tamara's property here, which she bought for £10.75M (roughly $17.5M) in 2007, includes a hair/nail salon, a tanning bed that looks much like a space-age torture device, and a chaise crammed with—of all things—a community of stuffed animals. Have a look above.

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