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East Tahoe 6 Bedroom Starts With a $1 Mil Price Drop

Despite first being bought in 2008 when real estate was falling head-first into the toilet for $4.125 million, this 5,100 square foot East Shore home just went on the market for over a million less than its initial sale price, even as the market has improved. The $2,995,000 asking price makes this 6 bed, 6 bath even more of a "deal" than it already is for those looking for second homes in the secluded golf community of Glenbrook, where neighbors are selling for upwards of $30 million. It still includes all the golfing and tennis privileges of its more endowed neighbors, not to mention two master suites with fireplaces, a steam shower, hardwood floors a heated driveway, and a living room rug stolen from the set of Austin Powers. Not to mention Nevada property taxes (or lack thereof).
· 2134 The Back Road, Glenbrook, 89413 [Chase Internatonal]