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Whale Week Day 3: Top Stories Across the Curbed Universe

· Whale pieds-a-terre: the priciest one-bedroom apartments. [Curbed NY]
· A real estate guide to the six whales of the Friends cast. [Curbed LA]
· Hideous manse of strip-club mogul almost rented by Brad Pitt. [Curbed Philly]
· Auctioned off: the Michael Vick experience. [Curbed Atlanta]
· 15 crazy stats about Bill Gates' Medina mansion. [Curbed Seattle]
· The real estate hijinks and highlights of L.A.'s five richest people. [Curbed LA]

· Going once, going twice: when $40M becomes $2.8M. [Curbed Cape Cod]
· Did Howard Marks lose money on $75M Malibu sale? L.A. whale flops. [Curbed LA]
· Here now, Evander Holyfield's foreclosed, 109-room palace. [Curbed Atlanta]
· Brookline's biggest whale: 2,500-bottle cellar, Fenway grass. [Curbed Boston]
· Seven whale-approved indoor sports courts on the market. [Curbed Chicago]
· Whale tales: a real estate agent doubles as a last-minute chauffeur. [Curbed DC]
· Ask a whale: the madness of the hub's apartment building boom. [Curbed Boston]
· Updating the map of S.F.'s most expensive homes for sale. [Curbed SF]
· Beached whales in greater Boston. [Curbed Boston]
· Whale tales of woe in a sea of opportunity. [Curbed Chicago]
· A history of the biggest whale flops in New York City. [Curbed NY]
· Which whale's 17,000-acre Colorado ranch is this? [Curbed Ski]
· Whale flops: big, huge, enormous projects that tanked. [Curbed Philly]
· William Randolph Hearst's grandson sells for $20M. [Curbed Cape Cod]
· Extreme price cuts in the multiple millions. [Curbed SF]
· When A $32M Mercer Island home becomes a $13M home. [Curbed Seattle]
· Housewife of Miami Lisa Hochstein's dream home gets revised. [Curbed Miami]
· Five memorable whale flops from recent history. [Curbed DC]
· Which whale will rent the $40K penthouse at 8500 Burton? [Curbed LA]
· Is this huge $27M Bricknell condo worth it? [Curbed Miami]