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F. Scott Fitzgerald's Baltimore Townhouse Listed For Sale

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Baltimore boasts F. Scott Fitzgerald as one of the most famous people to ever have graced its streets, but perhaps, well, it shouldn't. The author moved to the city in 1932 amid a swell of depression, drinking, and generally losing his mind. It was during this period when he was struggling to finish Tender is the Night, having not published a novel since the 1925 release of The Great Gatsby, so it's no wonder his dark, dismal personal essays of his five-year stint in, uh, Charm City reverberated with morose passages like "Horror and waste. Waste and horror—what I might have been and done that is lost, spent and gone, dissipated, unrecapturable." In short: these were not the bright, sunny days of carousing with the literati on the French Riviera, where Fitzgerald's former summer villa also awaits a buyer.

Enough with that sob story: the Baltimore home where he and his wife, Zelda, lived has just been listed by his estate for $450K. Save for some Ikea-ish furniture strewn here and there, the four-bedroom, 3,600-square-foot townhouse looks like it hasn't been touched since its turn-of-the-century completion, with original, ornate mantels, velvet Louis chairs, floral wallpapers, and timeworn valances. Also included: a proud plaque indicating that yes, someone famous actually lived here.

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