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Truckee Vets Hall To Be Sold to Church?

The ugly egg-shaped Veterans Hall in Truckee just got appraised for $845,000 leading into a potential sale of the building to Tahoe Forest Church. Although Truckee bought the building for $1 in 1994 from Nevada County in order to supply much-needed indoor recreation space for the odd day on which it's not sunny and gorgeous, the more recent construction of the Community Recreation Center at the Pioneer Center roundabout has rendered it mostly unused. Currently, only a cribbage club and another judo class use the Vets hall on a regular basis, with the occasional indoor soccer league, over-50 basketball league, and group ski rentals make infrequent appearances. Tahoe Forest Church maintains the space will stay open to the public and won't see drastic changes, although it will need almost $200K in parking improvements.
· Appraisal values Truckee Veterans Hall at $845,000 [Sierra Sun]