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Outrageous, Opulent Yacht Interiors For Filthy-Rich Boaters

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Few corners of high-priced real estate command the nine-figure price tags that yachting does. Just after the New Year, an absurdly breathless Daily Mail piece described how billionaire Roman Abramovich was "forced to moor his white luxury yacht Eclipse just a stone's throw away" from Al Mirqab, the lavish vessel owned by the Qatari Prime Minister. "And with the two yachts anchored side by side in front of the harbor Gustavia on the Caribbean island [of St Barts], the battle was on for which billionaire has the nicest boat with the most luxury, helicopters, and jet skis."

If one's to play that game, it's undoubtedly Abramovich's Eclipse that comes out on top. He's said to have spent $1.2B on its design and construction and, at 557 feet, it's currently the longest privately owned yacht in the world, with two helicopter pads, two pools, and a whole host of whizbang trappings the ever-paranoid private investments tycoon added, like bullet- and bomb-proofing technologies. Naturally, the interiors are just as extravagant; the master suite, for example, is upholstered in stingray-skin shagreen (which is actually a thing?). Above, find a peek at the Eclipse's futuristic stairwell, the gilded innards of Al Mirqab, and yachts stylish enough to have once graced Arch Digest. Head to Curbed's sister sites Racked National for a peek at fashion designers' yachts and Eater National for a tell-all from a private chef who worked on the yacht belonging to one very famous sports person.

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