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Watch Ultra-Rich Whales Talk Up Their 'Million Dollar Rooms'

There's no TV show that examines whales in their natural habitats better than Million Dollar Rooms, HGTV's no-holds-barred anthropological study of those who drop millions not only on mansions, but on the individual rooms therein. Within the last year, the show has visited a Texas property with the largest residential pool in the world, a Florida home with a '40s-themed mini-town, and a garage that doubles as a ballroom, complete with the largest mosaic ever to be installed in a private property. With each stop, host Carter Oosterhouse chances upon a cast of characters with a unique way of describing their unique, uh, aesthetic. Below, find The Whaling Handbook: How to Speak Properly and Politely About One's 'Million Dollar Room,' also known as a bunch of rich people talking about their fancy houses on TV.

The Video:

Curbed Whale Week Presents: HGTV's Million Dollar Room Supercut from Curbed on Vimeo.

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