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25 Furnishings Fit For Whales: $4M Stoves, $6M Beds, More!

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Most real estate high-rollers relish the opportunity to flaunt their affluence, so it's no revelation that there's a thriving market for over-the-top, blinged-out furnishings. In fact, there are furniture makers and decorators who make entire careers out of whipping up modern furnishings for the 1 percent, gilding, bedazzling, and slapping an eye-popping price tag on everything from shower heads to stoves. Above: 25 of the most jaw-droppingly expensive fixtures available for purchase right now: including a $22,000 platinum-leafed armchair, a $1.625M hover bed, a $750,000 bathtub carved from a giant crystal, and wallpaper that rings in at $23,700 a square meter. Do have a look.
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