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Skip the Installation with These Complete Pre-Fab Homes

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Prefabricated houses are among the cheapest and fastest forms of residential construction, but for the truly lazy, there are plenty of pre-built pre-fab homes on the market, ranging from the chic and refined to rough and utilitarian. This Tucson, Ariz. home, built from four extra-long shipping containers, might not excel in the curb appeal department, but is asking just $205K. That sum buys 1,280 square feet, two beds, two baths, and a litany of efficiency-minded upgrades, like energy-saving appliances, bamboo flooring, and low-water landscaping. The addition of solar panels would make this house even more efficient, though the neighbors still might not appreciate the industrial look of the place.

? For something more stylish, expect to pay the big bucks for a Marmol-Radziner pre-fab like this $3M house in Moab, Utah. Yes, it's located on a sprawling 71-acre site and has a swimming pool, but it still has a lot of explaining to do when it comes to that seven-figure price tag. Loads of glass, high-end finishes and appliances, and a welcome swimming pool help to justify the price, as does a large covered porch to shield diners from the desert sun.

? Currently sitting unfinished on a 0.33-acre waterfront plot on Louisiana's Gulf Coast, this stilted, circular pre-fab lacks any interior fittings and a septic system, but at $165K it's an affordable way to the waterfront. In an area all too familiar with storms, the structure was constructed 20 feet off the ground by Deltec Homes and "built to withstand destructive hurricane winds."

? Located above Oregon's little known Detroit Lake, about an hour east of Salem, this 875-square-foot pre-fab cottage has views of the lake and low carrying costs, thanks to low-maintenance metal siding and artificial wood decking. Installed in 2008, the house is plenty green thanks to bamboo flooring, tankless water heater, and dual-flush toilets, and is listed for $139K.

? The $1.175M price tag might come as a surprise once one gets a look at this 2006 pre-fab faux log cabin in northern Colorado, but the acreage—53 acres, to be exact—helps to account for the price. The diminutive pre-fab, with two beds and two baths, is joined on the sprawling property by two large outbuildings, a 130-foot "loafing shed," and three additional structures. More of a commercial property at the moment than a residential one, this would be an odd buy for someone just out for the ease of pre-fabricated housing.

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