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$453K House Prohibits 'Interior Showings or Inspections'

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Here's what could be the strangest real estate listing ever: the owner of this San Francisco single-family home will not let anyone inside or post any interior photos of her home until after it is purchased completely as-is—making the whole exchange a sort of 1,250-square-foot, $452,500 grab-bag. Per the listing: "Seller will not provide any interior showings or inspections. Drive by." What's more, the bank-owned home is tenant-occupied, and the description makes it seem like those occupants not planning on going anywhere: "The Buyer assumes all risks associated with the existing tenancies after close of escrow." So, let's get this straight, in order to get a home for less than $500K in San Francisco, one must (1) buy the home as-is, (2) lay down a deposit without ever seeing the interior, and (3) maneuver the legal hoops to evict the seller. So, any takers?
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