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These Crazy Harbor Plans Look Like Covers of Sci-Fi Novels

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As 2012 was the year of grandiose, otherworldly architecture for China, 2013—as predicted—is already shaping up to be a shining epoch of strange architecture in Denmark. An entire city designed for kids has been approved, a six-armed ski-dome has been proposed, and, well, with Danish starchitect Bjarke Ingels—he of bike-up buildings and ripped condo towers—at the proverbial helm of contemporary design, there's really no saying what could happen.

The latest out of Denmark are these stunning renderings for artificial islands in Copenhagen's harbor, which seem to be plucked straight from a 1980s Sci-Fi novel. According to Dezeen, Danish architects Tredje Natur and PK3 concocted their Blue Plan to transform the harbor into a wildlife-inhabited, tourist-attracting recreational area, with room for water sports and an educational facility. The plan incorporates five island zones, including a globular concrete archipelago called House of Water (above), a plant-covered refuge for birds and small animals called Bird Island, and a group of heated pools and "sauna caves"—OK, what the heck are those and why aren't they everywhere?—called Krøyer's Puddle. More lovely renderings, below.

Bird Island, as described by the architects, "will be the obvious destination for bird lovers, angling enthusiasts, shell collectors, biologists and school classes to be taught biology, history and geography and for regular citizens who only wish to enjoy the possibility of the long afternoon sun and at the same time experience unregulated nature."

Krøyer's Puddle would feature "small heated inlet pools and room for relaxation between the hot stones of the sauna caves," per to the project description.

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