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Bode Miller To Sell His 100-Foot Yacht

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Superstar ski racer Bode Miller is planning on selling the 100-foot yacht he and his wife, pro volleyballer Morgan Beck, have been fixing up and living on in San Diego harbor. Miller, who recently hit Beck in the face with a golfball on accident, wants to move into a more land-locked home now that a daughter (who is likely to become as badass an athlete as the prodigy of Mia Hamm and Nomar Garciaparra) is part of the mix.
Miller, who is still recovering from micro-fracture surgery on his knee, plans on making the 2014 Sochi Olympics his last. His exit strategy and the key to augmenting his $8 million net worth appears to be a sure-bet investment in horse racing, which has famously drained the kitty of MC Hammer while boosting that of Steven Speilberg. Thankfully, the New York Times has reported that the 2-year old colt he co-owns has won three out of the four races it's entered so far, so Miller may be a shrewd livestock investor yet.
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