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For $2.75M, an Island Villa That Used to Be a Rum Factory

It's been over 200 years since Butler's Bay Sugar and Rum Factory produced its last drop of liquid gold, but the plant—and that jutting, volcano-like mill—is still operational. Sort of. It may have stopped producing the good stuff, but the factory on the Virgin Island of St. Croix has survived as, well, a 6,000-square-foot vacation home. And now anybody with a spare $2.75M can buy the factory conversion, a villa complete with six bedrooms, a resort-like pool, and panoramic views of the Caribbean. While the 1970 home is not the first abode to be carved from a little bit of history, a home made from a Caribbean rum factory has a completely different (read: swashbuckling) flavor than, say, a New England church transformation. Anyway, says the home has "areas of exploration that include historically significant ruins, the original caretakers cottage, and lush gardens that feature two of the world's oldest Baobab trees." This may sound a little Indiana Jones-y, but, let's face it, perhaps this property should be landmarked or made into a museum rather than sold to the highest bidder. Oh well, maybe there's solace to found in the fact that it will at least make for a killer Airbnb listing. Do have a look, above.

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