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Ten Amazing, Marvelous Details About Paula Deen's Home

The newest issue of Woman's Day pays tribute to Paula Deen, whose smilin' mug is splashed across the February cover and a six-page spread detailing the ways the one-time grease queen has turned herself around, diet- and exercise-wise, after the Great Diabetes Debacle of 2011. On set at Riverbend, her 4,800-square-foot waterfront home in Savannah, Ga., the Food Network star—who's made lots and lots of other news lately—told the magazine team a bit about her decor. Sure, there's a heaping dose of country cute, from the brick hearth in the open kitchen to the bedroom's gingham-covered armchairs to the plush round ottomon smack in the middle of the master bath, but if, for just one second, you assumed things hot-glued with seashells were nowhere to be found—oh, how very wrong you'd be. Below, the most epic details about Deen's home, culled from "behind-the-scenes" Woman's Day shots as well as an old, uh, CMT Cribs episode.

10. In the kitchen, where she films Paula's Best Dishes, there's a personalized metal wall signs bearing the words "Y'All Come Back."

9. Evidence of Deen's other hobby, "shelling," is everywhere. She was "inspired by a local Savannah woman known as The Shell Lady," apparently, and calls the craft "the best therapy ever." There are no fewer than two stone busts adorned "by hot-gluing seashells and starfish" and "even [...] shells from oyster beds that she's raked in herself."

8. As Deen stated on CMT Cribs, "The house is full of dogs, and we're always on a 'turd alert' here."

7. In the nursery Deen decorated for her grandniece, there's an enormous frog "ride" one might pay a quarter or two to ride at an amusement park. Also in the room are watercolored walls she painted herself.

6. The home, which was built in the early '80s, is sort of like a Paula Deen megamart, complete with branded items: Paula Deen cookware, sofas custom-built by Craftmaster, which manufacturers Deen's upholstery line, and more.

5. The wood-frame master bed has an enormous flat-screen TV that appears and retracts from the footboard with a click of a remote. It's designed "so the TV is right in my face when I get in that bed," Deen explained.

4. There are carpeted doggie steps leading up to the bed.

3. There's a small, stylish garden with kumquat trees just off the master bedroom. Though it's reasonably private, when bathing au naturel in the hot tub, Deen explains, "you have to be careful because that river is very, very busy."

2. "The Smoker"—a grillmaster's funhouse in the backyard—is entirely furnished by Viking, complete with a wet bar, beer dispenser, outdoor slow cooker, and a near-comprehensible quantity of grills.

1. Near the lovely covered blue-and-white patio stands "a large abalone shell sculpture that [Deen] created." As she writes on her blog, "you name it, I've shelled it, y'all!"

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