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Eccentric East Shore Mansion With Boat House Asks $25 Mil

Earlier this week we profiled a Glenbrook home that had shed a solid quarter of its original price when it went on the market this week, and found this gem while trolling through the list of neighbors on the market. This 9,000 square foot house with cathedral ceilings and Native American accents and inspiration from the driveway tiles to the doors looks like it could have been porn director Jackie Treehorn's mansion in the Big Lebowski. The "architectural acclaim" this property has received must've been given during the 90's, even though the home was built in 2001. Possibly as a homage to the local Washoe Indians (who were kicked out a long time ago), this oddity has spiked cathedral ceilings, a gargantuan viewing room facing Lake Tahoe with only one piece of furniture, custom cabinets, doors, fireplaces, and windows all meant to emulate the non-linear angles and natural shapes of early Native Americans.

Despite no evidence of any televisions and only three bedrooms, there are plenty of Western amenities to drool for, including a swimming pool, in-ground hot tub, and separate beach house to compliment the private beach leading to the Caribbean-hued water of Lake Tahoe. The two-door boathouse with its own breakwater might be the sexiest aspect of the entire 2.73-acre property, as only a handful have ever been permitted around the lake.

As with any proper listing in the eight digit-range, this one comes with a virtual tour, where you can enjoy 360-degree views of weird stucco bedrooms and enormous custom carpets, and then daydream about the eccentric billionaire who would pick this up for $24,995,000.
· 1192 Highway 50, Glenbrook, 89413 [Chase International]