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Slopeside Hotel Masquerading as Ski House Asks $8 Million

It took us a few reads through the listing to figure out that this 10,000 square foot slopeside fun palace down the trail from Steamboat's Thunderhead quad was indeed a "single family" home and not a small luxury hotel as we had understood. Where did the confusion arise? Maybe it was the hotel-like appearance from the slopes, with decks popping off the sprawling four-story stone and wood exterior hither and thither. Maybe it was the dual master suites with bars and fireplaces, or the endless supply of gas fireplaces dotting every corner of living space and the rooftop deck next to the hot tub. The indoor tennis court/basketball court really had us convinced. Alas, this sprawling ski mansion, aptly named "Over The Edge," is indeed intended for a single family or Shah to occupy. However, to the realtor's credit, they are cognizant of the fact that it will take "generations" of said family to fill the house and enjoy the succulent interior, which comes fully furnished by TRH Interiors - the same guys who decorate the Ritz Carlton(s) - as well as its fourteen LCD televisions.

If Christmas Tree Bowl doesn't happen to have any fresh snow in it, or you're just not in the mood to deal with the hassle of finding out, you can always raid the copious game room bar and get twisted while playing pool shark or catching up on the first season of Homeland while curled up in your Snuggy in the home theater. With all these resort-level amenities, and all the bothersome effects of skiing at high altitude (dry skin, sunburn, dehydration, fatigue), you'd be hard pressed to leave home. But first, to get in the front door, you'll have to drop a fair $7,995,000, unless you want to take it for a test drive for the night.
· 2965 Trails Edge Road, Steamboat Springs, CO [Prudential Steamboat Realty]