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'Mary Tyler Moore' Bachelorette Pad Listed For Sale, Again

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On the market in Minneapolis for $2.895M is this unassuming single-family home with a catch: this bit of Minnesota real estate attracts nearly as many tourists as Elvis's Graceland. See, the home's circa-1900 exterior features prominently in the opening shots of nearly every early episode of the ultra-famous 1970s sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, making the seven-bedroom place perhaps the most recognizable showbiz homes out there.

The show's Mary Richards lived in the studio upstairs, while her BFF, Rhoda, rented the attic and landlady Phyllis occupied the main floor—that's three free-thinking women living together in the 1970s, enough for Entertainment Weekly to dub the home "TV's most famous bachelorette pad." In real life, the 9,500-square-foot home with 6.5 bathrooms is souped up with modern fixtures and furnishings, but retains a vintage vibe with ornate woodwork, lots of bayed rooms and leaded glass mosaics. It all sounds—and looks—lovely, so why has it sold and relisted three times since 2005? Well, because apparently watching up to 30 tour buses a day unload a gaggle of photo-snapping out-of-towners onto one's lawn is a little hard to live with. Who'da thunk it? Check out the home, above.
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