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Miniatures Fanatic Builds First-Rate Dollhouse Inside Guitar

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For her music-loving daughter's 25th birthday, Australian miniatures buff Lorraine Robinson crafted this tiny apartment inside an acoustic guitar. While the world does not want for staggeringly detailed miniatures—or instruments made to look like architecture, for that matter—this mini abode, a beautiful, messy duplex built for a tiny musician, stands out. Here, Robinson balances the whimsical guitar concept with hyper-realistic interiors, featuring a curled, well-used copy of Harry Potter on the side-table, maps spilling onto the floor, a high-backed wing chair "upholstered" in sheet-music fabric, and photos haphazardly lining the inside of the bureau. The instrument, Robinson says, was actually Robinson's first guitar: "I know it was sacrilegious but ... this added to its meaning as she knew how much I loved this guitar." Detail shots, below.

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