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Here's Precisely What Star Wars Taxidermy Would Look Like

Because surely everybody is wondering, Boston artist Jon Defreest has shown the world, via the magic of Photoshop, what Star Wars creatures would look like if they were mounted above the ol' family hearth. originally posted the "peek into the homes of some of our galaxy's most renowned hunters" in 2011, but Defreest's images—including the Wampa flanked by Tauntauns, above—was spotlighted recently on Laughing Squid. So how does an interested party in the Star Wars universe acquire such a freaky mantelpiece? Well, in Defreest's world, only the ballsiest of otherworldly huntsmen acquire such specimens: "For some, the animals of our planet no longer pose a challenge worthy of the hunt. That's why many hunters have taken to other worlds in an effort to quench their insatiable blood lust." Erm, just a suggestion, but perhaps its best to keep Star Wars-themed rooms far, far away—sorry—from any and all taxidermy decor, no matter how stylish. More images, below.

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