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Anybody Spot the 'Extraordinary Appeal' in This SoCal Mess?

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The brokerbabble describes this San Diego beachfront property, listed for $4.495M, as "modern chic" with "unparalleled sophistication and versatility" and "extraordinary appeal to the savvy buyer." Well, it's unparalleled and extraordinary all right. In fact, it is quite possibly the most architecturally confused home in all of San Diego, truly an abode that's smushed together two homes—note: this technique almost always turns out a mess—one of which is totally normal-looking. The other? Seemingly on the verge of a late-1980s post-modern meltdown.

The 3,496-square-foot home, "for the most discerning connoisseur of architecture and art," per the babble, features a sofa carved from a corvette, a canary-yellow palm tree, swirly purple carpeting, an oh-so-'80s primary-colored table, a spaceshuttle-style entryway, and, of course, the star on top of the proverbial Christmas tree: a truly indescribable piece of glass and metal art at the building's entry. It is all rather ridiculous, true, but somebody's bound to fall in love with it—red cage, glass blocks and all. Plus, the three-bedroom still has direct access to the beach and an open, three-story skylit atrium with panoramic views. Anyway, the absurdity of it all is better seen than described, so do have a look at the listing photos, above.
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