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This Beautiful Living Room Was Inspired by a Slaughterhouse

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On the list of spaces most likely to inspire a living room, it seems safe to say that "slaughterhouse" would not make even the top thousand. And yet a butchery was exactly the muse for this edgy, monochromatic space, the dream of designer Karina Wiciak of Polish studio Wamhouse. Ubojnia—Polish for "slaughterhouse"—is an imaginary interior made from yet more paper furnishings—scribbled on with charcoal for maximal abattoir effect—and lighting fixtures made from bulbs dangling at the ends of chains and hooks. One chair is bound in place by four chains, another is hung like a gutted fish. What would be a chandelier is really just three hooks skewering some newspaper, with a single bulb hanging from its middle. It's bleak and vaguely torture-chamber-like, a "non-standard place, full of symbols and metaphors, at the borderline between architecture and performance," per the designer's description. It's also totally imaginary, the product of some rather impressive graphic design. For now, at least: Dezeen writes that people will soon be able to commission adaptations of each design. Alternatively, one could just wait for the designers Restoration Hardware to churn out some knock-offs of those lightbulb-skewered fishhook lamps. More of the space, below.

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