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Sandwich Demolition; Bunny Mellon's $19.5M Sale; & More!

OSTERVILLE - The Wall Street Journal reports that, "according to people familiar with the deal," Bunny Mellon's Oyster Harbor's estate (above) has sold for $19.5M to Home Port Investments LLC. The 26 acre estate had been listed for nearly $30M for whole shebang or seven acres for $11.5M. According to The Realestalker, the LLC belongs to multi-billionaire Bill Koch. We'll update when the Barnstable records become available. [Wall Street Journal; Realestalker; previously]

SANDWICH - Remnants of the Cape's last milk-producing farm, which operated until the late 1970s, will be torn down this week. "A barn and two silos that have been part of the town's landscape for more than a half-century will be demolished this week, leaving a single silo as a reminder of the Roberti Farm." [Cape Cod Times]

BREWSTER - After a judge let the dogs out in December, overturning the Board of Health's ban of pooches from Drummer Boy Park, the battle continues. At Monday's public meeting: "Some dog proponents in the audience weren't too happy with that but the appeal may never happen. After all lawyers cost money and if the town can successfully address the issue of dogs at Drummer Boy there may be no need for a court case." [WickedLocalCapeCod]