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Unilever's European HQ Features Hair Salons and a 3D Room

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Unilever's newly refurbished office in Rotterdam is the latest to join the ranks of ultra-sweet high-design work spaces cropping up across the globe. Completed in just six months by the Dutch firm Fokkema & Partners Architecten, this 14,000-square-meter, multi-story hub steers away from truly bizarre decor, opting, instead, for a laid-back work environment that's heavy on, well, hanging out.

As expected from a multi-national corporation that's behind about a zillion things, the new headquarters are stocked with brand-specific facilities: a Lipton refreshment bar, a Dove beauty spa center, Tresemme and Toni & Guy hair salons, a Ben & Jerry's room, and even something billed as a "3D virtual reality center" (no word on what brand is represented there, though). It's not all play at the Rotterdam office, though. The team added 40 percent more work stations and plenty of test kitchens and labs. There's also a brightly colored atrium (spot the Lipton-yellow rug?) and for client consultations. OK, even these purported "work areas" sound like fun. Head to Contemporist for the full set of photos.

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