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182-Square-Foot Micro Home Has Eight Different Spaces

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Here's a look at a 182-square-foot apartment—actually a former storage unit in a century-old Seattle building—that was converted into a rather versatile micro home by a rather crafty engineer. The home was featured recently in a Fair Companies video, with homeowner Steve Sauer divulging a bit of his philosophy: "When I very first started designing this thing and started thinking it, I was thinking bicycle messenger: a 22-year-old bicycle messenger with eight pieces of clothing and a bicycle and almost nothing else, just living in the city," he explains, adding, "I like pushing the limit to see what I can do with the smallest kind of thing, I guess, in all ways. I guess being an engineer I like pushing efficiency—kind of—limits all over the place. It's just interesting to me."

Below, take a tour of Sauer's space, which has three separate levels (thanks to 10'4" ceilings), including a "cafe level," a "video lounge," and a bed that's "a little shorter than I am, but somehow it works just fine."

The Video:

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