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Inside George Clooney's and Cindy Crawford's Mexican Villas

The November issue of Architectural Digest really gives the one-two punch as far as celebrity coverage goes: it combines George Clooney's and Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber's neighboring villas in Los Cabos, Mexico, into a single cover story. The movie star and the supermodel (turned furniture designer and landlady!) are both good-looking and successful, of course, and they're also the best of friends, choosing to share architect Ricardo Legorreta for these vacation homes, which were "designed and built in tandem, and Clooney happily allowed Gerber and Crawford to take the lead on the project, knowing he could trust their taste implicitly."

While the trio at one point actually considered building one large dwelling where they could all hang around and drink Gerber Spirits tequila, this pair of cement-and-wood houses—not the "hacienda-style villa commonly found along this coast" but rather "muscular geometric volumes" centered around a courtyard, much in the tradition of Luis Barragán, Legorreta's mentor—"are basically used as a single home, with overflow from one accommodated by the other, and meals and other activities frequently split between the two." Clooney, who's never been shy about talking design, summarizes: "I wanted something that would blend in, something indigenous that would feel in harmony with the setting."

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