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Behold This Serene Renovation of an Ancient Israeli Home

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Photos via Trendir

Talk about a game-changer: this designer renewal of a 300-year-old house in the ancient Israeli port city of Jaffa is a brilliant example of historic preservation done through, rather than in spite of, a modern renovation. Another knockout for Pitsou Kedem Architects, a Tel Aviv-based firm known for its minimalist approach to safeguarding architectural history, this home was gutted back to its original cobblestone framework and given an open-plan reconfiguration with sleek and subdued additions of glass, steel, and concrete. What's more, the renovation left the cavernous charm of the place pretty much intact, even though this particular man-made grotto now supports watching the sun sink into the Mediterranean through an 18th-century stone archway. More views below.

—Spencer Peterson

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