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California Eichler With a Cheery Update Asks Less Than $1M

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It's hard not to clutch one's pearls when confronted with an "updated" midcentury home, if only because that term too oft translates into utter obliteration of some of the less refined bits of true midcentury time capsules. Yes, this San Francisco spread built by lauded modernist Joseph Eichler may be missing the chunky flagstone fireplaces of the era, but it's kept the low-lain midcentury feel, and polished it off with a cool, contemporary gloss (and, it should be said, a fair amount of authentic vintage wallpaper).

Eichler did most of his business in Northern California—Steve Jobs grew up in one of his designs!—so this is really just one of a handful of listed properties by California's paladin of tract housing. Asking $885K, it's $100K pricier than its cousin, a perfectly preserved option on the market in nearby Oakland, Calif., but, then again, that may just be what you pay for a kitchen that's stock full of modern conveniences like microwaves and fancy Miele dishwashers. Anyway, the brokerbabble gushes about the "chic sophistication" of the home's character, the spaciousness of its four bedrooms, and the "stunning" updates it's received, but have a look at the photos above and appraise it yourself.

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