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Get Pumped for Snow: Warren Miller Film Premieres Tomorrow

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The Warren Miller film, "Ticket to Ride," premiers in Salt Lake City tomorrow and much of the west is also on a winter weather advisory. Coincidence? We think not, because for decades, winter didn't start until Warren Miller came to town. And while Curbed Ski is partial to some of the other films out there (like "McConkey" and TGR's "Way of Life") ignoring the new Warren Miller film is like ignoring the aging elephant in the room. Since 2004 Mr. Warren Miller has had little to do with the current films, but each year thousands of ski fans still pack theaters to get pumped for snow. We've provided the preview to this year's film and a list of key stops on the tour. Tell us Curbediverse, will you be checking out the 2013 Warren Miller film?

Salt Lake City: 10/11-10/12
Park City: 10/18-10/19
Bozeman: 10/19
Sun Valley: 11/1-11/2
San Francisco: 11/6-11/7
Sacramento: 11/8-11/9
Boston: 11/9
Boulder: 11/14-11/17
Albany: 11/14-11/15
Denver: 11/21-11-23
Seattle: 11/22-11/23
Burlington: 12/6
Aspen: 12/7

See the full calendar here.