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Frank Gehry's Bonkers Pop-Out Bedroom Wants $5.2M

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Pritzker Prize-winning starchitect and bashed-in sardine can king Frank Gehry just couldn't leave this Santa Monica home, built in 1959, alone. The boxy, brick-front entrance looks pretty normal, the interiors aren't exactly head-turning, and then—bam, there it is!—a pop-out master bedroom juts whimsically out over the house beneath. This one's been touched by Gehry, all right.

Currently home to fashion designer Jennifer Nicholson, daughter of actor Jack Nicholson, this 4,032-square-foot, five-bedroom abode is listed for $5.2M, a steal compared to other Gehry homes listed in the past. Then again, this looks more like a Gehry addition—part of a 1985 renovation, perhaps—than a soup-to-nuts Gehry design. The property has a somewhat boho feel, albeit with some some luxurious details, like a massive hot tub, a ridiculously extravagant marble shower, and what the brokerbabble refers to as "refinished 18th Century hand-sawn Connecticut barn wood floors." Plus, there's that angular treehouse of a bedroom presiding over it all.

So Gehry name was certainly involved, the home lacks the mind-bending, deconstructionist design of the architect's more current, non-residential projects—not necessarily a bad thing, according to many a critic.

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