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Finally, at Long Last, a Zaha Hadid-Designed 'Dollhouse'

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Leave it up to architect Zaha Hadid—she responsible for undulating cruiseship metro stations in Saudi Arabia, swoopy streak proposals for Olympic Tokyo, and space-age icebergs in Hong Kong—to turn something as ubiquitous and sweet as a dollhouse into a deconstructed piece of colorless design. So what has pushed Hadid into the robust world of dollhouses, a realm in which the likes of Martyn Lawrence Bullard, fashion's Monique Lhullier, heiress Huguette Clark, and, of course, IKEA have dabbled? It's all part of a push by UK developer Cathedral Group to raise £100K for KIDS, a non-profit that improves the lives of children with disabilities. Hadid and 18 other well-known British architects, including contemporary greats like Andrew Logan and David Adjaye, have designed high-end dollhouses to be auctioned off next month.

The only entry rules: the house must fit on a 29-inch-square plinth a have a design feature meant for a child with a disability. Everything else, from color scheme to extravagance to, well, actual resemblance to a dollhouse, is up to the designer. Above, a look at some of the other entries. Interested in owning one of these bad boys? They go up for auction officially on November 11, though right this very second there's a bit of pre-auctioning going on over at the project's website. Start counting your pennies, Hadid's dollhouse is already up to £1,261.

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