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Live Off the Edge of Alaska in This Private Island Compound

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It might be about time to say good bye to the States' beloved urban strongholds, because for the price of a Manhattan studio or nine-room Brooklyn house one can buy a private island just off the coast of Sitka, Alaska. Here's what buyers get for (a pricechopped!) $1.825M: a waterfront manse on the mainland, a total of seven acres, a boat house, and, via 180-foot steel bridge, an island with a second main abode and two additional guesthouses. The island home boasts 1,250 square feet, an in-deck hot tub, in-floor radiant heating, a wood stove, and—this is important for private islands—a waste water septic system and cable. Alaska not your thing? Feel free to peruse other private island options to thine heart's content. Photos for this property, however, are below.

· Bart Island and Mainland Home [Private Island Online]