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'RAD' Shipping Container Park Could Happen in San Diego

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Joining the rank of ambitious architecture Kickstarters—which currently includes "temporary shantytowns" and converted funeral homes—is yet another Internet-fueled crowd-funded proposal, this one rallying for a very unique new park in San Diego. Design TEMPO, a San Diego-based firm, noticed that the city's East Village district is close to cool neighborhoods but not actually one in itself, much to the disappointment of some of its residents, students at the NewSchool of Architecture. With this audience in mind, the collective designed RAD LAB, a pop-up urban park built from shipping containers that really does look, well, pretty awesome.

RAD LAB will host a beer garden, movie screenings, concerts, and a continuous rotation of food trucks—along with more permanent retrofitted shipping containers, all ready for retail markets and art installations. The location, right across the street from the NewSchool on a city-owned lot—is all but promised a sizable turnout. To make the proposed park a reality, RAD LAB needs to raise meet their funding goal of $60,000 by Sunday. Considering the enduring infatuation with shipping containers shared by architects and city dwellers alike, it looks like this Kickstarter dream—currently riding high at $51,077—might just become a reality.

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