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Here Now, the Totally Berserk Underwater City of the Future

In an unlikely bid to be the next hotspot in both tourism and long-term habitation, conceptual designer and futurist Phil Pauley has designed a self-sustainable underwater habitat, dubbed the Sub-Biosphere 2. Like other very cool, yet wildly unlikely, concepts of future cities, this metropolis looks straight out of a sci-fi movie, complete with eight bio-domes that will span the 1,105-foot-wide habitat.

The underwater city will consist of a "central support biosphere" in the middle, an "observation pod" at 394 feet above the rest of the structure, and a bunch of dwelling pods housing individual eco systems. Inside, such necessities as air, electricity, food, and water will be entirely taken care of, leaving no need to rely on provisions from the outside world. Right now, the proposed design for Biosphere 2—inspired by the failed University of Arizona research facility of the same name—doesn't show many signs of coming to fruition. So sadly for another year at least, all honeymoons, family reunions, and the like will have to remain well above sea level.

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