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What do People Think of Jean Nouvel's 'Vision Machine'?

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Welcome to Street Seen, where Curbed video operatives investigate the non-archicritic's impressions of some of New York's most architecturally significant buildings. Have a suggestion? Send along a note.

Starchitect Jean Nouvel's 100 Eleventh Avenue, in Manhattan, has gotten some flak for drainage issues in the indoor garden, shoddy construction, and cracking concrete. But what about the design, though? It "looks like a gimmick," wrote archicritic Paul Goldberger in a 2009 New Yorker review. "The building clatters; it jangles like a bracelet. [...] [I]t seems nervous, and even the architect's description of it, 'a vision machine,' smacks of trying too hard." Brutal but eloquent, sure, but what do passersby think? For one: they seem to like it better than the residents. Above, have a look.

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