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See Painted Optical Illusions Inside Abandoned Architecture

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All photos via My Modern Met

Over in central France, street artists Ella + Pitr have taken to the stairwells, great halls, and abandoned warehouses of Saint-Étienne to craft optical illusion portraits of vibrant life inside dead buildings. Looked on at the right angle, people visiting the sites of Anamorphoses can insert themselves into the colorful interiors the artists have framed. Here Ella + Pitr have injected—as street artists often do—a bit of quirk into architecture that has long-sensed flat-lined. That reinvigoration of stale spaces is precisely the goal of the National Dramatic Center of Saint-Étienne, which commissioned the series. There are 11 works in total, many of which are below. Go on, have a look. · Playful Anamorphic Illusions of Life-Size Picture Frames [My Modern Met]
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