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Instead of Another Treehouse, Here's a 'Tree in the House'

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In a surprise rejection of the insanely popular, fantastically elaborate treehouses that are all the rage these days, Almasov Aibek, of the Kazakh design studio A.Masow, has instead proposed the exact opposite— Tree in the House. Nestled in the woods of Almaty City, Kazakhstan, the transparent cylinder is split into four floors, all connected by a winding staircase and wrapped around a single fir tree.

In designing the minimalist home, Aibek hoped to create a remote romantic retreat—one couple at a time, of course —that nurtures "spiritual and creative development" and provides a respite from unnecessary belongings (ostensibly due to the fact that they won't fit in the slim space). While in most locales, 360-degree windows lacking any semblance of privacy would seem like a major drawback, this tranquil hideaway probably doesn't offer much in the way of nosey neighbors. A. Masow has the rest of the pictures, right this way.

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