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Windowless Japanese Box Gets a Surprising Amount of Light

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From the outside, you wouldn't expect this nearly windowless Japanese home to get much in the way of natural light, but the Light Walls House more than delivers on its moniker. The laminated clapboard walls in question reflect and diffuse the sunlight coming in from the edges of the exposed ceiling, making this latest example of a minimalist Japanese dwelling set in a white cube the warmest by far.

By partitioning the bedrooms into freestanding interior structures, mA-style Architects upped the coziness factor of the home exponentially. The placement of the study and kitchen against the walls and directly under the skylights, while a natural way to save space, also ensures that sunlight is there for daytime activities. But despite all the natural illumination, the remarkable abode does a great job of shutting out the outside world, making it the perfect place to indulge in a pleasant stint of hikikomori-like isolation without developing a vitamin D deficiency.

Spencer Peterson

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