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Crazy Little Beach House Emulates Tall, Narrow Sand Dunes

In what sounds like a romantic comedy set-up if there ever was one, architect couple Jetty and Maarten Min, principals of the Dutch firm Min2, took a break from building houses for clients to team up and build a cozy getaway of their own—nestled in the seaside town of Bergen in North Holland. No strangers to the building process, the couple struggled most in striking the right balance between the super adventurous and the livable. The end result? One of the coolest and most curious beach houses out there.

Designed to emulate the shape and color of the surrounding sand dunes, almost all of the three-story home's sloped sides are covered in clay tiling, save for the large floor-to-ceiling windows that offer views of the North Sea. The interiors are a calm wash of glass and white walls, accented by some Douglas fir tree trunk beams on both the lofted second floor—which serves as the main living space—and the work space and a conference area on the first floor. The structure sits on land that measures at 8-by-20 meters (about 66-by-26 feet), which accounts for its tall and narrow design. Co.Design has the full set of photos.

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