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For $8.1M, Huddle in a Historic Hillside Home in Greece

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Here's a listing to keep the chill from creeping in: tucked in the hills of Hydra, Greece, a 20-square-mile island chock full of milk-white homes with blue shutters and red roofs, a five-bedroom "mansion" has hit the market touting historic details like original (18th-century) black marble floors, carved wooden ceilings, and an antique stone tub in the bathroom pavilion. Built by Genovese architects in the 1700s, the stone house also boasts seven "distinctive" fireplaces, a library, and a master bathroom that "wraps residents in the tranquil, almost magical ambiance of a wooded garden," or so writes the brokerbabble.

OK, now let's talk outdoor amenities. The ground level opens onto a patio with views of the garden, port, and "sparkling" pool. There are also two guest houses, a studio, and an pseudo-orchard of cypress and olive trees "cultivated for over 50 years." In all, there's over an acre of surrounding gardens (unclear if they are private and included in the ask), plus a bonafide pergola that's—swoon—"entwined with grapevines and aromatic jasmine."

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