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Invite One or Two Friends to This Rave-Ready Micro Home

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One tiny downside to the ultra-hip micro home is that due to seriously cramped quarters they tend not to offer much in the way of entertaining space. This neon-colored, oblong structure just might solve that problem, though, as it offers just an unfurnished upstairs dancefloor and a curved downstairs bedroom. Unveiled at the annual Prague showcase Designblok, this glow-in-the-dark hideaway—dubbed Lampyriade, AD 2—was created by Czech artist Jiri Prihoda, a frequent builder of single-room fort-like structures.

Prihoda's "urban dwelling," as he refers it, is built from plywood, wood, corrugated sheets, and Plexiglass, all measuring in at about eight-by-12 feet. A small opening on the top floor makes room for a staircase leading to a curved basement outfitted with a built-in futon and pull-out shelving. Considering the home lacks certain basic necessities—no bathroom, no kitchen, a few missing walls—right now, this technicolor pad is probably best suited to house the world's smallest dance party.

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