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How Should CapeFlyer Service Be Expanded?

The CapeFlyer's weekend rail service from Boston to Hyannis has officially ended. Initially, the passenger train was to run from Memorial Day through Labor Day, but was later extended through Columbus Day. Since the CapeFlyer turned a profit ($300K!), moving 17,000 riders from Beantown to the Cape and back, it's a pretty good bet that the people mover will return in 2014. Meanwhile, there's talk of expanding the weekend service in some capacity, most likely a third stop on the Cape side of the Canal. That "significant tweak" is the only one being suggested by the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, but the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce would like the powers that be to consider adding a Thursday night or Friday morning run from South Station. In addition to the bigwigs, "Several passengers have requested weekday CapeFlyer service between the Cape and Boston, while others have requested more stops." We thought it would be fun for you, dear readers, to weigh in on expanding the CapeFlyer service:

Poll results

· Summer train service from Boston to Cape may be expanded [Cape Cod Times]