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This Full-On Cottage Lives Inside a Shipping Container

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Structures built from shipping containers have—against all odds—become trendy to the point of passé of late, cropping up in the form of apartment complexes, artist communes, and hipster hangouts. However, New Jersey-based architect Adam Kalkin has a weird, wonderful new take on the enduring fad: the first "house within a house" built from the corrugated-steel structures.

Dubbed The Adriance House, the massive Maine home was built from 12 shipping containers (costing about $1,000 each), and looks fairly unassuming, not all that different from other container homes out there save for its massive size. However, the 4,000-square-foot interior is rather intricate; it's split into multiple levels and connected by two large staircases descending from either side of the home.

The most unusual part of the building is, of course, the seemingly normal house, complete with a shingled roof and patio, that dwells within. Its placement makes the rest of the home feel almost like it's outdoors, an illusion furthered by large, garage-style glass doors and floor-to-ceiling windows. Indeed, it's a slightly disorienting space to puzzle out via photos; Homedit has the full gallery.

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