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Here's Now, Tom and Gisele's Plans For Palace No. 2

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Mere months after putting the finishing touches on their $20M chateau in Southern California—and, consequently, opening it up to the peering eyes and grandiloquent praise of Arch Digest—Patriots QB Tom Brady and his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, have just received final approvals to break ground on yet another French-style mansion, this one on a 5.2 acres just outside Boston. With this news comes the project's first rendering, an exterior sketch by mansion maker Richard Landry, who also designed Tom and Gisele's SoCal palace. Also unveiled: a slew of interiors details.

While this manse doesn't have, say, the koi-stocked moat ("picturesque but not pompous," AD wrote) of their other place, it's far from modest: measuring 14,317 square feet, chateau No. 2 boasts a basement spa (with a sauna, massage bed, and rehab tub), playroom, home theater, gym, library, sun room, and room reserved for wine storage. Let's all cross our fingers that this place, too, will have "custom-made wrought iron monkey bars" and a pool with "one long, sinuous edge that helps give the impression of a nautral lake, particularly in the early-morning and late-afternoon light." Or, at the very least, warrant another effusive AD spread.

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